Neuromuscular Technology Inc. is a family-owned and operated corporation with offices in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Neuromuscular Technology Inc. aims to help as many people as possible by:

● Lowering mTBI mortality rates.
● Preventing concussion related brain disease.
● Detecting risk of fall, frailty and/or risk of frailty symptoms early to employ preventative strategies to ensure prolonged mobility and lower risks of age related illness (e.g. Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons).
● Providing meaningful measurements for doctors/physicians to make return to play decisions.
● Refining the ability for doctors/physicians to monitor medication usage and potential abuse of drugs and alcohol.
● Improving patient quality of care.

The greater the adoption of IsoBALANCE, IsoNEUROLOGY and other meaningful preventative strategies; the more possibility there is to improve lives and lower potential negative consequences incurred by mTBI, concussion, drug/alocohol/medication abuse, and age related illnesses.

Additionally, Neuromuscular Technology Inc. is committed to providing high-quality medical devices, which are CPT reimbursable, bolstering money back into the healthcare industry, which will ultimately improve quality of care.